The Creation Of #lovemybag

My design first came about with the ban of the plastic bag.
Like everyone, I kept leaving my bags in the car, so I felt inspired to design a stylish and versatile bag that I couldn’t leave home without.
I had a few requirements for this design, quality fabric was a must for an easy to care for product, environmentally friendly, practical, stylish and strong enough to hold those groceries.
My first design called ‘The Original’ was so well received and I discovered that people were using #lovemybag for a Fashion Bag, Travel Bag, Baby Bag and more.
This then helped me create bags designed for everyday fashion use, such as Daisy, my two tone collection and many more to come!
I am still passionate for my 'original' bag to be used as a grocery bag, as it can hold up to 7kg in weight, so that is when the ‘The Complete Shopping Bag Set’ was created, which contains 1x Two Tone Fashion Bag and 1x Original Bag.
The Original bag always stays in your fashion bag, so you’ll never be bag less again!
Every bag is made with love from me to you, And I can't wait to see more of you experience the 'Love My Bag' feeling.
With Gratitude,
Donna Hill - The Sewist